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Finally back with an update!

Welcome back to Mesa Vista (finally) and the main hood, where we get to meet the Zarusoba household!

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Now I'm really caught up with my playing...

Welcome back to the Mesa Vista Week 5 Update Marathon!
The debut of Vern Planter's household here had been sitting almost finished in St. Hubert, Mesa Vista's new(ish) rural/farming district, for well over two years, even longer than the Wing family seen in the previous update.

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Catching my writing up with my playing.

Welcome back to Mesa Vista, and introducing the Wing family, the first in my new rural/farming district.

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Mesa Vista - My BaCC for fun: Week 5-15 Ng

I haz another update :)

Welcome back to Mesa Vista and Kerie Ng's household.

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Test for blueberrypie

No problem posting for me.
Update :)

Welcome back to Mesa Vista and the Adams household, with founder Zach, his wife Nikki and their four children: first-born twins Ryan and Quincy, Josh and Jillian, with baby number five on the way.
Sounds like one big happy founding family, right? Well, not exactly, if you recall...

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Hope you all are enjoying the holidays!
Hot off this weekend's gameplay, I present the Greens, Mesa Vista's newest newcomers.
(And two updates in two months - go me!)

Welcome back to Mesa Vista, and introducing its newest newcomers, the Greens!

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New Mesa Vista update - please tell me it hasn't been six months since the last one? D:

Welcome back to Mesa Vista and more about its first University attendees, the Outside girls and their fellow sorority members.

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Officially finished my Apocalypse!

Okay, I really finished the challenge over four years ago, but I today I wrote and posted the final update on boolprop four years to the day of my last update. It's short and pretty lame given how much time and effort I invested in my AC, but it finally dawned on me today how silly it was to sit on a completed Apocalypse just because I couldn't be arsed to caption some pics in order to make it official.

I'm posting this here even though I'm using LJ almost solely for my BaCC because some of my LJ friends no longer frequent boolprop, and I wanted them to know I did actually finish. So, for any readers here of Romancing the Apocalypse, I'm linking to both Slideshare and Authorstream (went back to the slideshow format for consistency's sake):

And on the off-chance anyone would like to read it from the start, the whole shebang is here on boolprop:

Stay tuned for our regularly scheduled BaCC some time soonish!
Thanks, and Happy Simming!



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