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Mesa Vista - My BaCC for fun: Week 4, Part 14 - Sims

Sims Wk 4 Cover
Welcome back to Mesa Vista and Marie Sims’ household.
As I mentioned in my last update, from now on I’ll be posting shorter updates with less writing so I won’t get so bogged down.
“Does that sound fair to you, Moonshine?”

Sims Wk 4 02
This was Moonshine’s second visit, and he let Marie adopt him quickly.

Sims Wk 4 03

Sims Wk 4 04
I thought he and Sake might get into a fight, but they were just playing.

Sims Wk 4 05
When Marie went to Mesa Vista Country Market to stock up on ingredients, she overhead her friend Rebecka Rossi talking to Tiffany Zarubin.
"How are things in the Garden Club?”
“Very slow. As you can imagine, there isn't an abundance of gardens around here.”

Sims Wk 4 06
That conversation gave Marie an idea, and she opened her bakery. She was going to need some serious dough.

Sims Wk 4 07
“You got any fresh cookies here?”
“You expect me to sell any other kind? They’re in the case on the right.”

Sims Wk 4 08
Being Knowledge, Marie had two bolts with quite a few of the men in Mesa Vista.
“How’s it going, Phil?”

Sims Wk 4 09
Yeah, Phil Jitmakusol was kind of shy.

Sims Wk 4 10
Business started picking up.

Sims Wk 4 11
“I’m giving you a Best of the Best Award.”

Sims Wk 4 12
And the dough started rolling in...

Sims Wk 4 13
When things started getting out of hand, Marie hired Ramin Johnston to help restock her goodies.

Sims Wk 4 14
At Level 6, Marie added another display case.

Sims Wk 4 15
It was a good session, and Marie closed Just Desserts, leaving it fully stocked for next the week.

Sims Wk 4 16
Jihoon Vijayakar was another guy she had two bolts for, but two bolts were a dime a dozen for Marie - none of them stood out as being particularly special.

Sims Wk 4 17
So instead, she put her plan into action.

Sims Wk 4 18
She now had her bronze gardening badge. She was pleased to be able to grow her own strawberries for her pies.

Sims Wk 4 19
I’m pretty sure this is a lemon tree.

Sims Wk 4 20
Yep, Marie had it all together.

Sims Wk 4 21
“Smells yummy,” said Madeleine Mazza.

Sims Wk 4 22
Her garden was tended, she had plenty of baked goods in her inventory, her skills were completely maxed the previous week…
Now what?

Sims Wk 4 23
“Very good, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Sims Wk 4 24

Sims Wk 4 25
Meet Gabriel, now Gabriel Sims.
To distinguish his name from Gabriella Newson's, I’m just going to call him Gabe.

Sims Wk 4 26
He and Marie caught on like a house afire.

Sims Wk 4 27
“Now, the lady has funny hair, but she gives good haircuts.”

Sims Wk 4 28
“Oh my gosh, Marie, he’s so cute. Look at those eyes!”

Sims Wk 4 29
Yes! Yvette got her bronze styling badge. Maybe she can start charging for makeovers when I play her again.

Sims Wk 4 30
After stopping at Outside Outfitters for some new clothes, they went to Pagoda Sushi for lunch.
“Are the robots here yet?”
Sssh. Spoiler alert ;)

Sims Wk 4 31
Marie was going to town now…

Sims Wk 4 32
“Cool yard!”

Sims Wk 4 33

Sims Wk 4 34

Sims Wk 4 35
*Dies from cuteness*

Sims Wk 4 36

Sims Wk 4 37
There wasn’t enough room for playground equipment, so Gabe got to test a mini trampoline created by NixNivis at MTS instead. He liked it and it builds Body.

Sims Wk 4 38

Sims Wk 4 39
Now Marie felt ready to call the Garden Club.

Sims Wk 4 40
She added more landscaping and some stuff from Buy Mode that she thought they would appreciate.

Sims Wk 4 41
That’s the second electrocution for Mesa Vista. Marie has also had a burglary and a fire. What luck!

Sims Wk 4 42
Yum! Gabe happily stepped in to harvest the strawberries while Marie recuperated.

Sims Wk 4 58
The Garden Club arrived, and so far, so good...

Sims Wk 4 44

Sims Wk 4 45

Sims Wk 4 46
And the verdict was…

Sims Wk 4 47
Marie got in, but didn't get a Wishing Well. I didn’t know that was possible.

Sims Wk 4 48
Until Marie could get another inspection, we’ll have to settle for some more Gabe spam.

Sims Wk 4 49

Sims Wk 4 50

Sims Wk 4 51
Yep, he’s officially adorable.

Sims Wk 4 52
Marie added a pond, a flower bed in the corner and some expensive statuary, which she could afford thanks to the cash perks from Just Desserts.

Sims Wk 4 53
Here is the entire garden dolled up for the next Garden Club inspection. The house was also expanded to add Gabe’s bedroom in the front.
Marie called them over again.

Sims Wk 4 54
While they waited, Jillian Adams came home with Gabe after school.

Sims Wk 4 55
Oh man… after this, I found out you must wait 70 Sim hours between inspections -  it was going to be touch-and-go if Marie would get her Wishing Well before the end of the week.

Sims Wk 4 56
While we waited yet some more, Moonshine, who is always a Doofus in my game, tried to play with the wrong cat.
“Un smelle vous finay.”
Just like Pepé Le Pew in a role reversal, non?

Sims Wk 4 57
Sunday evening, just in the nick of time!

Sims Wk 4 59

Sims Wk 4 60
She made it! Sure, Marie had gone to bed, but I was excited enough for the both of us.

Sims Wk 4 61
“I wish for someone who really stands out from the rest!”

Sims Wk 4 62
We have a winner! Not. Seriously, I have rotten luck with the Gypsy, and now the Wishing Well.

Sims Wk 4 63
Yeah yeah.

Sims Wk 4 64
That was a whole lotta work for a whole lotta nada. I think they’ll just be friends.
(No offense to Prof Blair Wilsonoff. Though I have a plan where he might come in handy some day…)

Sims Wk 4 65
That ends this busy and fun-filled week. Bonne nuit, Marie et le chat noir!

Okay, I guess I lied about this being a shorter update (it actually has more pictures than the last one!), but I played it when I was still taking lots of pictures, and I really enjoyed trying to get her into the Garden Club. Beginning in Week 5, updates will be much shorter.

BaCC quick stats:
Sim count + graves: 45
Sim multiplier: 20
Population: 900

Just one more household is left to post for Week 4: my son Steve’s simself!

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!
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