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Mesa Vista - My BaCC for fun: Week 5-15 Ng

I haz another update :)

Welcome back to Mesa Vista and Kerie Ng's household.

Despite the drama that periodically flared up from her one-time indescretion with Zach Adams years ago, Kerie lived a mostly drama-free life and was steadily climbing the Medical career track to reach her LTW of becoming Chief of Staff.

Her son Noah had less lofty ambitions and wanted to be a Professional Party Guest. Also of note, he had learned the identity of his father in the previous week.
What his mother's career reward had to to do with fixing future DJ booths and such he didn't know, but it sure beat reading dry, boring manuals on the subject.

Noah was easily distracted from his skilling by Rosemarie Jitmakusol, the girl from school who made sure to ride the school bus home with all her classmates even though she wasn't attracted to any of them.
"Yeah, I can't wait to go to Uni, it's kind of boring here in Mesa Vista."
Noah had to admit he kind of agreed.

"I mean, there isn't even a basketball team here I can join."
"You want to play basketall at Univesity?"
"Sure, why not?"

Heh, thought so...

(Noah: zero nice points)

Still, Rosemarie was all right company for a change - he usually spent evenings alone while his mother was at work.

And while the cat was away...

Kerie clung tightly to her role as alpha parent and made herself available whenever possible, which usually meant in the areas she deemed most important.

"See you there," Noah whispered.

"Going somewhere?"

Kerie clocked in as the fourth resident of Mesa Vista to become permaplat. It makes running a business sooo much easier, and guess what, it was time for a new one!

Kerie had over §20000 in the bank, but that wasn't enough for the new business and the tax bill at the end of the week.

Business cash perks didn't count toward earned money memories (as far as I could tell) and yet cash from the genie did.
"The points are nice" (and superfluous) "but I really need the money."

"Your wish..." *THUNK*

"Your father's wife has just implied in the last update that I might need help with you. So what's it to be: do I trust you not to break your curfew, or do you come with me to the spa?"
"Ick, I'm not goin' with you!"
"Very well, but I mean it, Noah - I'm offering one chance only. One strike and you're out, understand?"

Stephan Shin: "Hmm, what's this new business next to my office supply store?"
I know, I know! That would be Ahhh Spa, Kerie Ng's new business!

It doesn't look like much from the outside, but the inside is quite upscale with top-of-the-line spa, sauna, massage table and nicely-appointed bathroom facility.

Allyn Thompson: "This is rather luxurious, I feel like one of the rich and famous here."

(The other) Jill Smith: "I was beginning to wonder if I would ever recover from my lightning strike, but Ahhh Spa sure did the trick. It's so luxurious here!"

"You haven't even begun to experience 'pampered' until you get a massage! I'm offering one for cheap, just eighty simoleons."
"Sure, I think I deserve one!"
"You certainly do." :)

"How does that feel?"
"That's what I like to hear."

"Just six simoleons? Sounds like the price for a dive - can you assure me it's clean? I wouldn't want any sick amoebas swimming in my... anywhere."
"Get outta here, Joe! I have an extensive medical background - trust me, it's clean, and I very much know what I'm doing."
The final cash perk was burning a hole in her Business Perks panel, and Kerie's goal was to cash it in.

Oh, yay. So much for a top health rating...

Thankfully, (the other) Kerie (AEW Cormier) brought a thunder shower and not roaches.

"Make it a good one or else!"

"Why, hello there, little fella!"


"I pulled my back a little getting away from that cat."
"Here? How's that?"
"Yes, ahhhh..."

Then weird stuff started happening - for instance, Kerie switched into her MV Country Market work uniform instead of the dark blue Ahhh Spa scrubs.

"Excellent. Right this way, Camryn!"

Camryn Lee: I see weird people.

"Keep your head down, close your eyes-"
"But what's-"
"Hush. Relaaaaaxxxxxx..."

"If I don't look, I can't see."

Poor Camryn! This would happen to her...

"I'm telling you, it was creepy. If I were you, I wouldn't go in there alone."

"Well, that was strange. I'm back to me now, though, right?"

Ciel: *Lies ass off*
Wow, she's good. I know for a fact she can afford at least a thousand massages. At least.

"We mustn't blame Camryn, the aliens sucked off more than her outerwear..."

"Yes, it appears that there's been some mischief afoot lately. Perhaps not criminal mischief, but mischief nonetheless."

"Do you think it started here before or after the witch arrived?"

"I feel much better when I'm around other people."

Joe Graham: *shuffles around self-consciously*
Allyn: "Come on in, Joe, we won't bite. Have you met Audrey?"

"There something wonky going on around here."
"Which something?"
"There's more than one?"

Audrey Landry: "Ahem! I just got a sudden urge to play soccer. Care to join me?"
Stephan Shin: "Sounds great! I'm right after you."

Kerie called the session quits after Ahhh Spa reached rank 3. She'd made enough money especially with the massages to skip cashing in the final Cash Perk since she didn't need it and didn't want to pay tax on it.

So far the week had been all work and no play, so Kerie called Talin Deppiesse over for some welcome romance.
"That dog seems to have it in for your door."
"Wolf. That's Beasley, he's been stalking me or maybe protecting me for years."

I gave Kerie's bedroom a little makeover: bought her a new bed and copied the wood-paneling-over-the-bed idea from a decorating show I saw recently. I like it, it's cozy, rustic and modern all at the same time.

Meanwhile, I'd forgotton I played most of Kerie Ng's week months if not a year ago, and had forgotten Noah's date with Rosemarie. I had him call anyone he might have chemistry with, and Ynez Korben with whom he shared one bolt was it.

Although they seemed more into each other than one bolt would indicate.

"I'm exhausted, it was a busy week. Stay the night?"

I have to say I'm starting to ship these two!

Noah: *incredulous gasp*

"Huh?! What are you doing, Talin?"

"Your mom's asleep, I wasn't sleepy, so I figured I'd play some chess, kind of like old times. You don't mind, do you?"

Mind?! That jackass came barging in in his skivvies like he owned the place. What good would telling him to "put on some clothes, for crying out loud!" do now? No amount of eye bleach could erase the sight of that... that... ugh! His mother picked such losers!
"Um, Noah?"

"I'm sorry, but I think you'd better go. I really like you, though, Ynez."
"I like you too, Noah."
"See you at school, 'kay?"

"Er... I'm sorry about that, Noah. I'll talk to Talin."

Yo Neil,
Bro! I've had all I can stand here. Next week, you and me, do or die...
Making sure you're still on board.


That's all for Kerie and Noah this round. No change in BaCC stats:

Playable Sims: 81 (80 + 1 grave)
Sim Multiplier: 33
Population: 2673

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

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