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Mesa Vista - My BaCC for fun: Week 5-19 Fleig/Johnston

Welcome back to Mesa Vista and another new household!

Remember Jill Fleig and Ramin Johnston, two townies that Steve Burns moved in and out at the tail end of his week?
"Of course they wouldn't remember, Camryn Lee stole the spotlight with that crazy alien abduction."
"That's right, the one that sucked off all her outerwear. Impossible to compete with that."

Since Jill and Ramin had so little screen time during Steve's week, I moved them into this cute little house, Desert Starter "Mini Cactus" by xmathyx at MTS, and figured I'd play them.

Like Camryn, Jill already had a job in the Business career as a Field Sales Rep (Level 3).
She's Popularity with a LTW to have 20 Best Friends.

Off to work with Jill, let's see how far she could get...

Ramin is Fortune and dreamed of heading the SCIA, but since the only available position in Intelligence was already taken by Mesa Vista's founder Zach Adams, he occupied himself by fixing the shower he broke.

"What's so funny?"
"No idea, hoo-hoo hee-hee."

Well well, Jill had been a busy shopper, she'd even bought a pickup truck from Scott Wing Motors in the St. Hubert rural farming district! What else can we learn about her?
"Do you mind? I'm on the phone."

She enjoyed cooking. Cleaning up, not so much.

Jason Menon welcomed Ramin to the neighborhood.
"Need any help unpacking?"

"No, I think I have it covered. No, wait a minute..."

It wasn't easy, but the guys managed to unload Jill's truck, that ended up parked and unused for the entire week.
*sad vroom* Curse that Walk to Lot

One thing I've been wanting to see is how well Sims keep house on their own. A good case study, I thought. Ramin and Jill have 3 Neat points each.

"Honey, I'm home!"

Okay, we know what Jill will be up to for most of the week...

Ramin had gone to the Mesa Vista Public Library to buy cell phones for him and Jill.

Might as well stop for a game of pool...

Ramin had never met anyone like Toby Bruenig before and told him so.

Toby one-upped Ramin by telling him he was The Bomb*.
Holy whirlwind courtship, Batman!

(*Thank you, esmeiolanthe for the perfect interpretation of the speech bubble here! :D )

Back home, Ramin broke the news to Jill.
"You've already met somebody? That's great!"
"You won't go ballistic if he moves in, will you? I know, I know it's the typical as soon as you get a roommate one of them gets involved with somebody..."
"Don't be silly, I always considered our living arrangement temporary. So, when do I get to meet him?"

Promotion, yay!

Even if Jill's race to the top was knocking her on her butt... literally.

Although skilling for Charisma became hecka more fun.

Speaking of fun, there was Toby!
"Is Ramin around?"

"Your place, small? Compared to where I live, this is a mansion."

"C'mon, I'll give you the grand tour... it's over there."

"Come on in, you two!"

So... good ol' Toby Bruenig. Knowledge, no job, no skills, and one simoleon to his name. Two bolts though. Ramin sure knew how to pick 'em, huh?

Stop the presses! Toby turned out to be quite the art collector. Not so bad after all, Ramin!

While Jill was away...

"Get a room, you two!"
"Okay, we will *grin*"

Jill was fine with her role as third wheel. But...

"Ramin, it's time to step it up. You're not here just to fool around and be cute with Toby."
"I would, but Zach Adams has my..."
"Not a job, Ramin, a business!"

"What kind of businesses are out there, one that makes an impact..."

Ramin chose Desert Flower Nursery, which would open the Natural Science career once it reached Level 5.

All the pretty trees and flowers that it sold, and the first customers were drawn to the compost bins.

"That's one compost bin and a lady bug house."
Marie Sims: "Make that two."

I didn't see what Lydia Zarusoba bought, we'll have to check her inventory next time.

"First tree for the new greenhouse my son built for us."
"How lovely! Be sure to let us know how it does, Mr. Wing."

"I know, isn't this place great, Joe?"
Gretchen Homeless: "I wish someone in this town would help me. Just one."

Sorry, I know it sucks to always be ignored at businesses, but she's supposed to be homeless and broke :(
"Oh, you think that sucks? Try being pregnant for four years and four days - how's that for 'sucks'?"

It's official: Toby is a goof.
"But a loveable goof."
Brandon London: "Get those hearts away from me."

"Mrs. Adams..."
"It's just Nikki, no need for formalities."
"Nikki. Can I just say this is my favorite tree, and you're the first to buy one."

"Ah, Mr. Adams!"
"No need for formalities, call me Zach."
"Hah, that's exactly what your wife said earlier."
"Nikki? Is she here?"
"No, she left some time ago."
"It's a good business you have here, very good for Mesa Vista."
"Thanks, I'm glad you think so."

Mesa Vista, say hello to Natural Science!

And back home...

"Pretty sure those aliens can't see me with this little telscope."

Senior Manager!

And because Jill didn't have enough on her plate...

It's Party Palooza time!

"Mr. Wing! Can I help you with something?"
"Got anything for baby twins?"

Jenna Ebadi, the town grump: "Get..your..arm..outta..my..boob. And no 'ooh, she's the town grump' jokes, I am totally justified!"
I'll give her that. This time.

Toby was becoming a very proficient restocker and... uh-oh, who's that in the back? Not again :(

Noooo, Gretchen..!
Gretchen Homeless: *Swipe*

"... pregnant for four years and four days!"
Really, could I blame her? :(

Party Palooza reached Level 4, and when they returned home, Toby decided to get serious, kept company by one of the wolves he always rolled a Want to see.

I didn't get a shot of the outside, but this is Toby's store, called The Lighthouse.

Scott Wing from St. Hubert was one of Toby's customers. The Jill/Ramin/Toby Trio stayed until it reached Level 1. Its level was not important, at least in this week. What was important was The Lighthouse became Mesa Vista's 40th(!) community lot, which added another point to the SM!

And back home again...

I thought it would be worthwhile if Ramin could get a job in one of the careers that opened another slot in Intelligence, so he took one in Law Enforcement, only to find out later that Law Enforcement wasn't one of the careers. Poop!

Okay, time for Toby to get out of the house too.

There was an opening in Business, but also one in Education, and Toby's LTW is to be an Edumacation Minister. I debated it for a while, then concluded that he looked like he could be a cool teacher, so he took the Playground Monitor job.

I liked Toby a lot more now that he had a purpose and settled into studying and wanting to skill.

President, Level 8! Way to go, Jill!

Jill was thinking it might be time to move out and invited Camryn Lee over to broach the subject of perhaps getting a place together.

"But not this week, I've been crazy busy and I'm too exhausted to even think about moving."
"Good, because I've had a lot to process this week too, what with seeing weird people at the spa and getting zapped by lightning at the hot springs. And the... well, you know."
"Oh, Camryn, no, I had no idea! Let's definitely wait, then."

"You believe me? I'm not just whistling Dixie?"
"Camryn, don't be silly!"

"See you next week."
"Shake on it?"

This was a test to see how they would get along. They both liked the prank, so I think they passed.

"Toby, this is Camryn. She and I are planning to strike out together next week. Camryn, this is Toby."
"Nice to meet you, Toby. I'm ready to go home now."
"... Okay."

"Hello. Bye."

"I got promoted today too."
"That's great, Toby! I think you're gonna be a good teacher."
"Erm... Are you moving out because of me?"
"Yes and no. Not because I don't like you, but the house is small, and you and Ramin are more of a family now. I want to have parties and lots of best friends, like Camryn."

Ramin ended the week as a Patrol Officer (Level 3). Not sure he'll stay in Law Enforcement, but with Mesa Vista's population, it could definitely use some cops.

With everyone so busy, the housekeeping fell by the wayside, but Ramin autonomously stepped up to the plate at the last minute.

Nice job!

Everything was clean at the end of the week except for the toilet. I'd be afraid to touch that thing too.

Here's a shot of the landscaped house.

And a sort of neighborhood shot. That's Yvette Tan's house to their left.

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

BaCC quick stats:
Playable Sims: 91 (90 + 1 grave) moved in Toby Bruenig
Sim Multiplier: 35 (+1 for 40th community lot)
Population: 3185
Tags: bacc, bruenig, desert flower, fleig, jill, johnston, lighthouse, nursery, party palooza, ramin, toby

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