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Mesa Vista - my BaCC for fun: Week 5-22 Newson

After three months, an update :)

Welcome back to Mesa Vista and the Newson household!

This pretty much summed up life for the Newsons this round.

Although Ginger was trying to spice things up, but it was slow going...
(As a reminder, Ginger is Family and wants a Golden Anniversary)

"Ugh, I just don't think I'm cut out for school, Gavin."
"You're doing better than me."

"I'm acing school, I'm gonna get an after-school job," said aspiring 100,000 simoleonaire Gallagher.
"Hello? Paging Ginger."
"She does that to me too," Garrett sympathized from the sofa, remembering last week his birthday and first day of school...

If only they could afford a decent bed...

Wait, what's this? Gabriella and Ginger had been shopping at Nemo's Slumberland? YESSS!

Gavin struggled with his own assignments, but he was pretty good at helping Garrett with his.

Gavin was also a good big brother.

A very good big brother...

The Newson's home was comfortable but plain, although the schoolhouse-chic clutter tried to liven it up a bit.


That was going to be the final straw for sure, Gavin thought before stomping the crumpled report card in disgust...

"Guess they thought I was too stupid to run their lousy numbers."

"Good riddance if you ask me."
"I didn't," Gavin shot back glumly.
"Gallagher, please tell our brother that this isn't the end of the world? After all, it's not as if a background in crime is what the Business field, the legit Business field that is, will be looking for."

I had dubbed Gabriella "Mixed Signals Gabby" in the Adams update when Ryan had asked her on a date, but at home, she became one of my favorite Newsons.

She had rolled Romance on her teen birthday and wanted to top the Athletic career, and she always rolled wants to go jogging.

She made salads for dinner and learned how to make protein shakes.

"Turn off the TV, little sis, you know what time it is."

"What were you doing outside?" Ginger asked.
"Playing," Garrett said.
"By yourself?"

Then Ginger shocked Garrett by asking if she could practice reading to him...

And then she asked if he wanted to play with her outside!

"I thought you thought I was nothing but a pest."
"You are! But seriously, I feel much more rested now."

Getting canned wasn't all bad for Gavin, because Rosemarie Jitmakusol was on her usual after-school rounds.

Yeah yeah, one bolt, what else was new?

Time for the youngest Newsons' birthday! First up: Georgia.

And Garrett, who got a cake this time.

Georgia rolled Popularity with a LTW to be a Media Magnate, and Garrett rolled Fortune like his brothers with a LTW to own 5 top-level businesses.
I'll say this for the Newson boys: they all have great LTWs!

Georgia looked pretty foxy in her birthday dress.
"Yep, I'm keeping it!"

Garrett found a t-shirt of Gallagher's in the dresser. He didn't mind, and there were better things to spend their limited cash on...

Things like Garrett's first business.
"Are we impressed yet?"

I'll say one of my favorite things about rotational vs. generational play is the struggle for money and satisfaction when they make it.

Yvette Tan: "What is this here contraption?"

"Why, I'll be, it's karaoke!"

"You're pretty good, teach! At least, not a total bomb..."

Like Ginger should talk... the Newson Sisters act was terrible!
Quick, Gabriella, grab that boy before he leaves!
"Did somebody say boy?"

Say hello to Luc Shahan.
"You seriously aren't serious?"
No, actually ;) Luc has been seen around Mesa Vista hitting on Faith Goodie in her skivvies, buying who knows how many beds from Nemo's Slumberland, and was one of Yvette Tan's few makeover misfires at her salon.

Lydia Zarusoba: "Don't make me sing in public!"

Yes, much less scary whistling to her friend Jade Green.

"Think they can guess the name of my business?"

Ladies and gentlesims, welcome to Flaming Flamingo Karaoke!

And it seemed to be a pretty big hit with the likes of Tracy Messlot,

Hunter Green,

Mina Outside,

Whoa, Mina! She walked right up the front of the machine!

"I'm looking to the sky to save me
Looking for a sign of life
Looking for a something to help me burn out bright..." *

... Mina sang in a husky voice.

* Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters

Marie Sims' voice was very sweet, and she was the best singer, IMO.

Aspiring Rock God Nora Gainsborough's was... let's just say she should focus on the Rock Hammer...

Carl Homeless held his own.

And after all that, not one loyalty star. Not one! Tough crowd... *sigh*

So, back to alternate money-making methods...

Gavin tried bringing his grades up in hopes of re-entering the job market, but he always seemed to be a day late and a dollar short.

And as if bad couldn't get worse...

"What happened?!"
"I'm sorry, I was just making some Santa cookies and..."
"Get back, you guys!"

It really wasn't Georgia's fault, I told her to take out the trash. *whoops*
But hey, how about that Gavin, huh?

"Haha, yeah, why didn't I think of this before?!"
Gabriella had started to roll more than just fitness-related wants, and this was genius! Baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, skating, coffee... the perfect gathering place for Sims her own age, particularly, she hoped, of the boy persuasion to hook up with.

But after several hours of crickets...
"Where are the boys in this town? I mean decent, worthy boys?"

They weren't roller skating/blading, that's for sure.

Now that's just rude, townie-guy-I-want-to-move-in-eventually-as-well.

Zach thought Lydia was attractive though and told her as much. Thank God their relationship was practically nonexistent or else...

"Wait, no."
Yeah, really. No.

"Why didn't they come?" Gabriella asked, monotone.
"I know, it doesn't make any sense. Sorry."
"So am I."

Maybe they were all working because Gallagher had more success and brought home Cora Korben, who also worked after school in Politics.

Gallagher went to bed after leaving Cora in the company of his two brothers.
"What, does he thinks you're interchangeable or something?"

"Do you like her?"
"She's okay."
"Want some advice? Grab her while you can, if girls are as scarce around this town as boys."

Gavin thought and thought about how he could break the ice with Cora and then dingdingding!

"You guys had a fire?"
"Yeah, in the kitchen. Put it out all by myself too, saved the whole family."

"Wanna go on a date?"

Their first kiss was the end-of-date kind, but it was a nice evening. Certainly better than homework that didn't help him at all in school...

Gallagher and Gabriella went to the store for some groceries, and Camryn Lee was in her usual form, or in other words, a little weird.

"Can I help you?" Kerie Ng asked.
"Ring us up, we're gettin' pretty hungry."
"Oh, I can't do that."

"This sucks!" *FWOMP*

"They can't arrest us if she won't ring us up, right? I mean, we're talking potential life and death!"

"Veggie omelets, coming right up!"
The two middle Newsons returned empty-handed, so they traded in the fridge instead, which ate into more of their limited cash.

Two down, one to go... Lordy, was it slow going!

"Did I remember to thank you for saving us the other day?"

"That... wasn't me, it was Gavin, remember?"
"Oh. It was?"
While Garrett was happy that Ginger was interacting with him more, he began to wonder if she was a mite loopy from the constant homework, flower arranging and general helping everyone everywhere.

Initially, I wondered too.

But no, Garrett had learned fire safety right after his birthday, but because I had played the first five days of the Newsons three months ago, I had completely forgot. 'Twas me who was loopy, not Ginger.

The Newsons needed money and Ginger had a backpack full of flower arrangements, so off to her plant stand she went with her sisters.

Lots of Sims couldn't figure out what the heck Ginger was selling at Ginger's Snaps, so loyalty stars accumulated quickly.

Even Ramin Johnston, owner of the Desert Flower Nursery (what could be considered her competition) gave her one.

"I like your cacti, I just realized I don't have any," said Garden Club member Marie Sims. "I'll take one in the blue pot."

After reaching Rank 3, Ginger took the cash. Way to go!
(Btw, see Gabriella snoozing on the chair in the back? It's a mod by Gummilut on MTS that I forgot I had which allows snoozing on community lots. Is it cheaty? Probably, I'm thinking of removing it. Initially I thought I had discovered a community lot sleeping loophole besides the tent!)

"Are you ready for your birthday?"
"Oh, yes."

So was I...

The Korbens were invited, along with Melissa Kalson for potential girlfriend material.

Melissa, however, had her sights on Ethan Korben. They were each other's first kiss in the Korbens' first week, and then this week Melissa's best friend had stopped by their house and...
Cora whispered to her sister Ynez, "I thought it was Sarah Cwik now?"
Ynez whispered back, "But remember at the Adams? Pretty sure it's Melissa again..."
"Shh, go play somewhere else," Ethan hissed back at them.

Woo, fashion tragedy central!

"Oh, haha, guess I should have gotten dressed!"

It was a decent party, but... what happened?
"Did I overindulge on cake?"
The Camryn Lee garb had to go, too.

On his birthday, Gavin had finally managed to bring his grades up to a C+ (terrible according to Maxis), but good enough to get a job, which of course was too little too late.
"And now the friggin' computer's broke."
I can almost guarantee next week will be better.

Gavin slightly tussled his 'fro and quickly grew some stubble.

He found a track suit that I liked on him, so all-in-all, I think he looks really good. He's definitely grown on me :)

Ginger bought new a dress, and plucked up the courage to ring up Jason Menon.
"Hi, it's Ginger Newson, remember me? We met by the school bus outside my house."
"It was quite some time ago. But see, I'm all grown up now..."

It's a wrap. I enjoy all the Newsons, but I don't enjoy playing big families, so I'll be glad when they strike out on their own.

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

BaCC quick stats (no change):
Playable Sims: 93 (92 + 1 grave)
Sim Multiplier: 35
Population: 3255

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