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Mesa Vista - my BaCC for fun: Week 5-23 Deppiesse

Update :)

Welcome back to Mesa Vista and our first visit to Talin Deppiesse's household.

Talin had moved to Mesa Vista during Week 4 via his girlfriend, Kerie Ng, and was last seen embarrassing the hell out of Kerie's son Noah while he had been entertaining -slash- making a move on Ynez Korben.

Kerie's house was too cramped for a live-in situation with her teenage son, so Talin had moved to this Plasticbox starter home redone with a man-cave flair.

Talin is Knowledge and wanted to max all the skills. He also owns the Book Nook, a bookstore that he didn't visit this week because we would be focusing on other things.

So! After the two latest households yielded no population increase, and I really really wanted one, my plan for Talin was to work in the Business career while he worked on his skills.
Then he revealed a little fixation with ghosts...

First things first: get the job.

"And now to the cemetery!"

Nope! First a shot of the night sky - I will never tire of those :)

At Mesa Vista Cemetery:
"La Shawn Cameron (ffs how many Camerons are in this hood?!), how the heck are you?"
"Great, just enjoying a nighttime stroll by the cemetery with some friends."
"What a coincidence! Care to join me and see if we can spot some ghosts?"
"Hmm, what d'ya think, guys?"

Two guesses what the answer was...

Dumdedumdedum... aww, come on, Neil Cameron!

Oh well, Talin's first ghost-sighting venture was a bust, but he was still getting tons of aspiration points from skilling.
"Sleep? Who needs sleep?"

Off to work in platinum...

and back with a promotion plus a colleague.
Hunter Green and his silly bandana/business suit combo reminded me I now had six Mesa Vistans working to become Tycoons, whether it "suited" them or not!

This time it was Talin who made a booty call, and Kerie was happy to oblige.

After another night without a sighting, none other than Zach Adams showed up to give Talin his two cents.
"You couldn't pay me to hang around a cemetery at night, and that's saying something."
"I wouldn't expect you to understand."
"Oh, Knowledge. Right, got it."

Zach: "Are you still seeing Kerie?"
Talin: "Yes."
"Do you have a problem with that?"
"Not at all, just wondering, since you did move out."
"It was logistics, simple as that. You know, since Noah is older, the lack of space became more awkward."
"If you say so."
"Oh, and to keep you up to date, since that seems to be your thing..."
"You're not the only one Kerie has three bolts with."
"Really. Would you like to see?"
"... No, that's okay."
"... Yes, it must keep you busy putting your own, other house in order."
*awkward silence*

Zach: "Well, hey, I wish you luck."
Talin: "I don't think we'll need it, but I'll wish you the same."
"I mean with the ghosts. Perhaps when we get more graves, though that's not likely to happen for some time yet, barring some unforeseen tragedy."
"You've got a point." That, and Talin (meaning I) was getting an idea...

"Hello, Rose Dai, how are you?"
"Great! Are you interested in getting stuff cheap?"
"Who isn't?"

"Kerie, would you like to go out tonight?"
"Yes? Please continue..." *swoon*

"This wasn't quite what I was expecting."
"Oh, it'll be fun, I promise."
"It had better."

"Are you angry I brought you here? I admit I'm a little obsessed..."
"Ya think?" Kerie asked with a laugh.
"We can go somewhere else if..."
"No, I don't mind indulging your obsession. It's just... I can't believe I'm old enough to have a kid almost old enough for college."

"I admit I'm getting old and I don't like it."
"Just a minute."
"Talin?" Kerie touched his sleeve.

"Hmm, this is somewhat ironic, would 'grave robber' be the right term or..?"

"Your timing sucks, man, BEAT IT!"

"Now where were we? Oh yes, ma cherie Kerie, pretty little Sim that I adore, you're the only one my heart beats for, how I wish that you were mine! Lalala lalala lalala la lala..."

The next day, Talin invited Kerie over again.
It was the first time she ever saw him acting nervous around her.

"It's okay, honey, it's good. We are good."

Talin took a deep breath. "Kerie? Ma cherie?"

"I... We made it! Oh, Talin!"

"Drop, sucker, and give me twenty!"
Kerie's son Noah, whom Talin had invited over as well, was more than happy to let them have their moment inside. They deserved each other, he thought with teenage distaste, but without rancor.

The real surprise was when Noah accepted Talin's hug. That and Kerie rolling the Want to get engaged on their date at the cemetery. That just had to be twue wuv :)

But Talin wasn't done yet. I decided to have him combine ghost hunting with scoping for townies already in the Business career to speed the population along, on my first nonscored outing. We had no luck with that either (the outing went well).

All was not lost though. Popularity Sim and Medical Intern Shea Johnston introduced himself, which reminded Talin of what Zach had said about needing more graves. Hello, a retirement home! And Shea seemed like the perfect candidate to run one.

Another networking perk...

And another! How handy when Talin just happened to watch a movie. Ask and ye shall receive, and all that...

Manly townie move-in is manley!

Shea's §16000 move-in funds would be a great start for furnishing the retirement home, so he bought...

and bought.
"Not bad for an amateur - should be fun."

"It's not that I think so little of you, Shea, you just didn't have much time here."

Talin ended the week at Level 7. Watch out, Week 6!

That's it for Talin Deppiesse. After the Newsons, I really enjoyed playing a single Sim, and finding Shea for the retirement home was a boon for my motivation.

I hope Neil Cameron's or Grace the dog's ghost shows up some time, I really want a haunted cemetery.

BaCC quick stats:
Sim count + graves: 101 (moved in Shea Johnston + added 7 CAS elders)
Sim multiplier: 35
Population: 3535 (that's just over 7%, folks! :P)


Shea Johnston with his retirees - all random elders, but I had fun making them. They'll be played loosely on the Asylum Challenge.

Welcome to La Belle Adobe Retirement Home, DUNDUNDUN...

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!
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