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Mesa Vista - my BaCC for fun: Week 5-24 Sims (+ La Belle Adobe Retirement Home)

It's been over a year since my last update and playing the last three households in Week 5. So, without further ado...

Welcome back to Mesa Vista and Marie Sims and her adopted son Gabe's household.

What does a resident of Mesa Vista do when one is perma-plat, owns a bakery and is a member of the Garden Club?
Why, get a job in the Business career, of course.

Moonshine :)

Marie's first crop of eggplants. Juicing is on the list too.

Everybody loves Moonshine.
Nanny Sun was hired to watch Gabe for a couple of hours a day, and she's still good as far as nannies go.

"You getta do so much cool stuff, what do I getta do, Mom?"
"Besides get straight A's and being such a good helper around the house?"
"Hmm, let's see, I just started my job, but that shouldn't be a problem..."

Of course! A vacation in Three Lakes. They stayed at the Blau Hills Resort, aka (IMO) the Blah Hills Resort.

Bummer, it didn't even have a restaurant or a grill or anything, so off to the food stand they went.

"Here's something you can do, Gabe, catch some bugs!"

"Yeah, I can get a whole bug collection!"

Back at the hotel...
"Owowow, what'd I do?!"

"Hey stupids, I didn't mess with your hive OWWW!"

"Mom, this isn't fun, the bees won't leave me alone and I don't know why!"
"Why don't you give the bug hunting a rest and pound your chest instead. See? Uh-uh-uh-uh."

"I told you... pound your chest instead."
"No, I'm gonna get my bugs!"

"I don't think I wanna do bugs today."

"Come on, there's more stuff to see."
"In a minute, Mom!"

And after finding Bigfoot, there were only the tours to do...

-Okay, I just had to laugh at that...-

"Hurry, Mom, before they eat us alive!"

Okay, let's see if Marie can top Business in the same week!

"Oh, you all are going to make excellent lemonade, mm-mm!"

The girls at school loved Gabe, they were always coming home with him.
"I'm Stephanie Walters! I'm an orphan from Instant City!"
"I know, I remember how cute you were there. How did you get to Mesa Vista?"
"Stowed away on the school bus."
"Ookay... Orphan, you say..?"

The following day, Chloe Outside!

"Can't play, gotta grow up..."

"That hat looks silly!"

Gabe has been such a blessing for Marie, I'm glad to see that's how he feels :)

Post-ditching the hat and a trip to Outside Outfitters...

Gabe was no less sweet as a teen.

Was Gabe really that good of a cook already, or did he pick up where Marie left off? It's been so long I can't remember.

"Oh, Professor *giggle* do come over, it's been way too long. We have plenty of Lobster Thermadore!"

"Aren't you a little old for my mom?"
"The wishing well apparently doesn't descriminate, young man."
"I still think..."

"That's enough, Gabe! Professor Wilsonoff... Blair... is very... dear to me."
"Thank you, my dear."

"Fine, I'll leave you two alone."
'Honey, you don't have to leave."
"No, that's okay."

Gabe had to admit he was a little sore that his mom had invited the Prof over willy-nilly, after he had worked so hard to cook a special dinner for them. He was used to kinda having her all to himself, but now he saw that he wanted his mom to be happy. He loved all the cool things she had done, so much stuff she had accomplished, all on her own. Well, he did help out a lot, and he felt good about that too.
He popped a strawberry in his mouth and closed his eyes as he savored the sweet juicy goodness...

"Mom, I'm... ewww."

"Hey! I was thinking about exploring some of the hills around here and thought a hike might be fun. Wanna come along?"
"No, thanks."
"You sure?"
"I'm sure. Have fun."

"Owowowow... DAMN!"

"Still, it was a fun vacation, huh, Mom?"
"Yes and no, but mostly yes. It was certainly memorable."
"Yeah, memorable. And we got some pretty bugs."
"Are you gonna stop?"
"No! Are you?"
Marie gave her son a look, and he grinned.
"Thought so."

I don't think it registered until just now that Gabe's first kiss was with a vacation townie. Awwww!

All right! With my tweak of the rotation ending on Monday, guess what?!

Damn, Marie, you are good.
"And you were gonna give up on writing me."
But I didn't. It just took a lonnnnng time. And this is probably it.



"Why, I never!"
"Is that..? Are those cacti in the yard!"
"Neighborhood deco encroaching on the lot, tsk-tsk."

Bunch of ingrates...


Retirement home director Shea Johnston: "Why am I here exactly?"
I screwed up. I didn't play this completely hands-off like I should have, which in the end ruined the fun.
"Can I go then?"
Not just yet...

The week mostly consisted of your typical free-will shenanigans.

With a little senility tossed in.

Maryann and Wendell were a no-go.

Maryann and Clyde on the other hand...
But this was my biggest fail, because these two were doing so bad that I intervened, and basically ruined the whole purpose of the exercise.

Everyone else managed well on their own.

All in all, life seemed pretty pleasant for the Belle Adobe residents.

And because everyone rolled the want to play Marco Polo...

"Brrr, who thought this was a good idea?"

"Hello and welcome!"
"Eh? Who are you?"
"Who am I? Why, I'm the founder of Mesa Vista!"
"Huh? What does that mean?"
"Sorry, no time to explain (it would be classified anyway), enjoy your stay!"
"EH?! Who was that again?"

My "Zest for Life" evaluation system, based on Health (needs), Quality (aspiration), Emotional (relationships), and Enthusiasm (enthusiasm) was kind of neat in theory, but difficult to implement (don't ask). The top 4 scores got a sip of Elixir, with 1st place getting an extra sip.

Joyce came in 4th place with 56.63 points (1 sip). Like I said, don't ask.

Preston came in 3rd place with 58.67 points (1 sip).

Wendell came in 2nd place with 59.46 points.

Lola Ortega came in 1st place with 60.23 points (2 sips).
"I won?! Go me!"


Is Marie pregnant?! I don't remember for sure, but I think she might be!
"Stay tuned for Week 6, eh?"
Yeah, probably not :( But I loved seeing you two again :)

BaCC quick stats:
Sim count + graves: 101 (no change)
Sim multiplier: 40 (+ 5 new BD, Marie Sims, Business Tycoon/Rockstar)
Population: 4040 (woo, 8%!)

Stay tuned for the final update of Week 5, (Aunt) Tiffany Zarubin, coming soon!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Simming!


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