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Mesa Vista Week 6-2: Shin

Actually posting a picture update, because it was a pivotal week at the Shin household:

Diane became Mesa Vista's fifth Business Tycoon, opening another Business District. Hooray!

Time for Devon's birthday.

Stan the whiz kid continued honing all of his skills, with Devon looking on.
The Shins are a nice family to play.

Stephan: "Oh crap, what did I do?"

"Oh crap. What. did. I. do?!"

Devon managed to call the fire department despite the burning wall their phone was mounted on.

Alas... Oh man!

Bummer... Diane was one of my favorites from the very beginning of Mesa Vista.

Aww, Devon, I feel for ya :(

"From now on, we're only having gelatin and chef salads," Stephan stated.
"What about cereal and lunchmeat sandwiches?"
"So we aren't getting another stove?"
"Fine, I'm not hungry anyway."

"How do we go on without you? What will I do without your adventurous spirit?"

"C'mon, Adrienne, are ya gettin' in the car or what?"
"Wait. Do you hear... crying?"
"You are not going in there..."

Stephan was so accustomed to any ol' passerby stopping in to play on their computer or even worse, Stan's violin, he absently waved the girl into the living room before retiring to the bedroom.

Stephan's heart lodged in his throat when he saw Diane's urn lying in pieces on the ground.
"What the ever loving..?"

"I'm sorry, Dad! I was so sad, so mad, I couldn't help it, I... I lost it and I smashed it..." Stan wailed. "I'm sorry. I'll... I'll clean it up."

I usually have headstones rather than urns, and I don't know if a smashed one behaves differently than an intact one, but I definitely didn't want anyone accidentally sweeping it up, which Stan had been about to do.
The best solution I could think of was putting it somewhere safe and then watch what happened.

Adrienne Kerrigan made herself right at home, and I liked her looks (new default face templates), so what the hey, she moved in.

Trigger trigger trigger! Not a good week for Stephan.

"Whatever's going on here? It isn't working for me. I have to find something... something to give me purpose."
"Something to honor Mom's memory," Devon added sagely.
"Exactly! I mean, besides you and Stan, of course."
"I know, Dad."
"Are you okay with Adrienne moving in?"
Devon shrugged. "She's okay."
"She isn't staying. We're just helping her get a foothold in Mesa Vista."
"... That's cool."

"Dearest, I know what I need to do! I'll pick up where you left off!"
"Can you hear me? Sweetheart?"
Stephan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I'll start next week..."

Meanwhile, Adrienne Kerrigan was getting her foothold in Mesa Vista.

"Hi! Do you have anything available? Something affordable?"
"It so happens I do, and you get first choice."
"Right on."

Esmeralda Apartments, based on a Google image of a small complex in Arizona. It's my first apartment build, and the first in Mesa Vista. Always something new and fun to do in the Sims :)

BaCC quick stats:
Playable Sims + graves: 103 (+1 added Adrienne)
Sim Multiplier: 60 (+5 new Business District)
Population: 6180 (+570)

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

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