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Mesa Vista Week 6-3: Pederson

Welcome back to Mesa Vista! I have a quick update:

Meadow Pederson had moved to Mesa Vista in Week 5 via her friend Yvette "The Hair" Tan. Cash was tight after buying her house, but her business, Meadow's Art Gallery, was turning a good profit...

"What a charming little gallery, dear."
"Thank you!" Meadow beamed.
"The location, though... it leaves something to be desired, don't you think?"
Meadow's eyes widened and her smile slipped. "I'm happy where I am."
"Yes, yes. I'm Agatha Crystalbotham, owner of Crystal Vista development. It's a bit more upscale, quite a bit, actually, and your gallery would be a perfect fit. Here, take my card."
"Er, no tha..."
"I insist! You never know when you might want to move up in life, perhaps to somewhere less remote, less, dare I say... hokey?"
Meadow counted to three. "No, thank you. Like I said, I'm happy here."

"Take it anyway," Agatha said, snapping her business card smartly on the counter.
Meadow silently recited The customer is always right and tried not to glare as she snatched up Agatha's card.
"That wasn't so hard, was it? Ta-ta, dear!" Agatha waved her fingers and swept out the door.

Seething at that Crystal-whatever woman's sheer gall, Meadow meandered her way home, passing by (Rebecka) Rossi's Fine Fishing.
Hokey indeed! She liked Mesa Vista, just how it was. Although... Meadow had to admit that if there was one thing in her life that could be improved upon, it would be marriage and having a family.
Phil Jitmakusol, who was there for his nightly stroll, didn't stand a chance.

Meadow pounced. It was a whirlwind courtship on a beautiful moonlit night.

Their little girl Phoebe, a noticeable mix of both parents :)
Now Meadow truly had everything she wanted. Screw that Agatha lady!

Both Phil and Meadow joined the Business career. Meadow moved up, but Phil got canned from a bad chance card, so he took a job in his dream field of Science. Phil may have been somewhat of a pushover, but apparently he had his ways.

Phil wasn't a complete lost cause for the score though. He also bought a business, a geeky kind of electronics store, which I didn't take any pictures of. Perhaps next time.

That's all for Pederson. I have another update lined up as well. Woo!

BaCC quick stats:
Playable Sims + graves: 105 (+2 added Phil and Phoebe)
Sim Multiplier: 60 (no change)
Population: 6300 (+120)

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!


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