March 18th, 2019

Mesa Vista - My BaCC for fun: Week 6-1

For the most part, a little blurb like this will be my update post from now on, which no longer really qualifies as a story, but I do have a little story going on in my head.

To start off Week 6, new arrival Agatha Crystalbotham swindled earned over §2,000,000 with her Crystal Card Club, and used her winnings to purchase the Public Toilet in St Hubert (cuz charging desperate Sims is how Agatha rolls) plus an additional 48 community lots for her new development called Crystal Vista, as well as funding bogus online, bet the suckers don't read the fine print Crystal University. Ooh! Shiny!

(Note Tiffany Zarubin's bag o'cash and the snapdragons Agatha coerced from her at the end of Week 5. Also, Agatha wants to call Tiffany to order more - 21 was a good start but not nearly enough for her expansion plans, heheh)

Population: 102 (+1 added Agatha)
Sim Multiplier: 55 (+10 for 50 community lots +5 for new Uni)
Population: 5610 (+1570)

I now have 12 potential business districts and 6 near-Tycoons coming up in the rotation, so expect more nice bumps in population.