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Mesa Vista Week 6-5: Goodie

Another update!

When we last left the Goodies, founding members of the Good Faith Community Church, they had settled into their new role as adoptive parents.

Herbert took care of their second adopted daughter, Angela, while...

Faith took their first adopted daughter, Annika, to Yvette Tan's Re-Nu-Yu salon for a big girl look.

Meanwhile on a fine Tuesday morning, Stephani Walter, a townie from Twilightoutside's Instant City that I had taken a shine to, had traveled untold distances to get to Mesa Vista.

Either by design or dumb luck, the Social Worker happened to pass by.

"Hurry along, young Stephani, I know just where to take you."

The Social Worker completely bypassed Social Services and dropped Stephani off at the Goodies, as they already had an order in place from the previous week for another child to adopt.

Sure, the Goodies were a bit odd, what with Herbert's pension for telling dirty jokes and Faith's past as a Criminal Mastermind (got that out of her system, thank goodness), not to mention the couple's wayward desire to become witches.
Stephani was used to witches. And aliens. And servos. And plantsims. And the verklempt ghosts that tried in vain to scare them.
None of the Goodies' odd quirks bothered Stephani Walter, not at all, because...

"Welcome to our home!"


Annika was happy to have a new sister her own age, but this was also her bed. Would she have to share with Stephani?

Realizing they had only one crib and a couch for their three daughters to sleep on (wouldn't the Social Worker love to know that), Herbert hustled to his Baby Boutique to earn some money to expand their one-bedroom house to accommodate his growing family. Most of his customers were well beyond their child-bearing years, but that didn't stop them from buying almost three thousand simoleons' worth of cribs, toys and mobiles.

This bedroom and a blue one, as well as a bathroom and a separate dining area, were added to the house.

In Mesa Vista, the only thing that could throw a scare into Stephani Walter was the school system. The Social Worker had dropped her off a couple of hours after the school bus had left, and not long after she was bombarded with threatening spam saying she would be taken by the Social Worker for having a D in school. Luckily she caught the bus on Wednesday and therefore dodged the Social Worker.

"It was my first day of school! Why is a C+ such a terrible grade?"
You got me, Steph. Got me.

"I'm so proud of you, Annika, for being so welcoming to Stephani."
"Thanks, Mom."

Herbert was really on to something with his adoption scheme in the prior week. Faith loved their little girls, but was she a terrible cook. She always burned the food. Always.
Luckily, Herbert was much better. Faith got a job in Business, and Herbert cooked and cleaned and socialized for the friend count.

The arrangement worked well, as Faith was much more comfortable at home playing with her girls than facing people in town with her checkered past.

Time for Angela's birthday!

Her big sisters were in attendance along with Chloe Outside, who had ridden the school bus home with them.

Annika was coughing and sick with the flu. Kinda has a new meaning these days :(

No need to change Angela's outfit, just trimmed up her hair a little bit.
I love the girls' diversity!

I kept hearing this weird electronic beeping noise, but other than the video game console, I couldn't place the sound. Then I found Chloe playing with Faith's Lie Finder, lol.

Saturday morning, the Goodies, of whom every single member rolled a want to go fishing, went to Rossi's Fine Fishing.

I'm not sure what Agatha Crystalbotham was thinking, but I doubt it was good. One thing was certain: she kept turning up like the proverbial bad penny.
"I didn't see you at church once this week, Mr. Goodie."
"I had family business to attend to."
"M-hm. I'm sure you did."
"Rest assured, Mrs... I didn't catch your name? We will be back at Good Faith next week."
"The name is Crystalbotham. Agatha Crystalbotham."
Herbert glanced at the card she handed him, frowned and shrugged. Crystal Vista Development. "Good day, Mrs. Crystalbotham, I look forward to seeing you next week."

Yay, +500s all around!

(In the background I saw Agatha with a small gaggle of chronies.)

Synchronized boot catching!

There were lots of flips and boots.

I think the final tally was half boots, half fish. Angela was the only one who got a badge.

"Did you enjoy our outing?"
"Me too," Faith smiled.

Time for Annika's birthday. So pretty :)

They were about to call the adoption agency again, but Herbert and Faith felt a new desire to have one of their own.

Romantic moods didn't last long with five Sims in the house.
Faith didn't know if she was capable of getting pregnant, due to their rather unique life state situation, plus they had tried once or twice before and figured it wasn't meant to be...

Got her answer.

First baby bump. Faith got to Level 7 Vice President, and although I didn't get any pictures of it, Herbert did a stellar job keeping up with the house. What a difference school age kids make from toddlers!

BaCC quick stats:
Playable Sims + ghosts: 107 (+1 Stephani)
Sim Multiplier: 61 (no change)
Population: 6527

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

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