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Mesa Vista Week 6-6: Fleig/Johnston

Hello, I'm back with a quick update. It's light on pictures, but a lot happened!

When we left roommates Jill Fleig and Ramin Johnston last week, Ramin had fallen in love with Toby Bruenig and asked him to move in, which had put a crimp in the roomies lifestyle I had planned for Jill and Ramin.

Originally, Jill was set to move out and get another place with Camryn Lee as a roommate. But as luck would have it, Toby's aunt passed away and bequeathed him her Heirloom Cottage, so Ramin and Toby moved out instead.
Then Sandy Fairchild, an International Corporate Lawyer, moved in as Jill's new roommate. I assumed Sandy was in the Business career, but it turns out she was in Law. I've never seen townies in a Seasons career before, so perhaps I have some forgotten mod?

The retiring Chairman of Every Tech bequeathed Jill his chairmanship, making her Mesa Vista's 6th Business Tycoon and raising the SM to 66! She was accompanied by Ciel Outside, who will become a Tycoon this week too.

Jill's LTW was to have 20 Best Friends, which gave her something new to work on.

Sandy (Romance, LTW Celebrity Chef), rolled a want to go on a date. She consulted her little black book and asked Grant Riley to join her at Mesa Vista Hot Springs..

Maryann Webb, a resident of La Belle Adobe retirement home, told them she thought they were a splendid couple.
(Phew, no thunderstorms in the forecast this time)

Grant thought it was a good date.

Interesting gift. Very nice, but not very thoughtful with the upkeep, unless Grant knows something about Sandy I don't.

Toby and Ramin had taken the only double bed when they moved out, so when Sandy rolled a want to woohoo, she met Grant Riley at Zach's Hoops for some hot tub action.

I enjoyed playing Sandy according to her wants. Jill too, but she spent most of her time on the phone building friendships, so no pictures of that.

Since my original reason for moving Sandy in was to get some reasonably quick Business Tycoons lined up, Sandy instead persuaded her friend Christy Inada, a Senior Manager (Level 6), to take her place.
Christy: *sigh*
Christy was reluctant to move in despite her high relationship with Sandy, and it turns out she had a mutual crush with Shea Johnston (no relation to Ramin), the live-in director of La Belle Adobe retirement home, so no opportunity to move in with him.
... Yet

Oops, perhaps Sandy should have taken a little more care with her impulses.

Sandy thought it would be best to get her own place.

She chose the EAxis Efficient Edifice, which has good curb appeal, two bedrooms and a decent layout (changing the interior decor though).
(Sandy had moved into Jill's with §13000, so I felt it fair to add that to her default §20000 and deduct it from Jill's funds)

Feeling a bit clammy after christening her new toilet, Sandy wondered shakily, "Wow. Me, a baby?"

And Toby's new Heirloom Cottage (by RealPoolyMogs from the old Sims 2 Exchange).

The challenge is to fix it up with a §50000 inheritance (which Toby isn't getting) while incorporating the heirlooms left inside (including Auntie's portrait), which can be recolored, but not replaced.

This is with the stuff in their inventories, plus some preliminary exterior sprucing up.

That's all for this update! I enjoyed playing this household and seeing its surprising developments unfold :)

BaCC quick stats:
Playable Sims + graves: 109 (+2 Sandy and Christy)
Sim Multiplier: 66 (+5 new BD)
Population: 7194

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

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