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Mesa Vista Week 6-7: Planter

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Another update :)

Welcome back to Mesa Vista and the second week of Vern Planter's Harvest Moon Challenge!
To recap, Kaylynn Spitzig just moved in with Vern, and Vern spawned little plantbaby Chrysann.
For the challenge, only money earned from the lot is allowed, so no jobs and no community businesses. Home businesses are okay, but no cash perks can be redeemed. Not very BaCC-friendly, but lots of fun!

Fun fact: this is my first ever Plantsim household :)

Building this home, the lovely Sun House from MTS (link in the first update) will be the primary goal I'm setting for winning this challenge. It isn't a terribly large house, but it has a lot of landscape elements and greenhouse walls, making it very expensive. But so cool, it's worth it!

Vern's first crop of tomatoes was already harvested and construction had begun on their home when winter set in.
Kaylynn had brought a piano in her inventory, which turned out to be a good thing. Vern and Kaylynn had to find other ways to earn money while waiting for the income from their next crop, but luckily they were a creative pair, and became much more so as the week wore on.

Between painting, performing for tips with the piano, and a small crop of money trees (5 eventually), they eked out enough simoleons to save for the next crop and keep the repo man at bay.

The only enclosed walls was a tiny bathroom for Chrysann's benefit, where she spent most of her time splashing to her little heart's content.
And that Shoddy Stove (under Fireplaces) sitting outside? It's definitely glitched. It costs §100, and appreciates in value to §600. I eventually sold it and familyfunded away the profit.

Needless to say, the Planters could not afford a §2000 sunlamp, so their first night was a bit dicey.
The social worker was my fear with Chrysann, but lots of attention kept her happy and she never fainted from lack of sunlight.

Unlike her father.
Here I was most concerned with Vern freezing, but thankfully his temperature never bottomed out.

So sick of winter and being broke! This was tough. The radiator was a good purchase though, it also keeps Sims warm.

Finally on Day 4, aka an eternity, the snow melted.

Hallelujah, finally! The first day of spring!

Which also happened to be Chrysann's birthday. It's rather jarring for a Sim to grow from toddler to adult.

She's dang cute though.

I checked Chrysann's badges and as I'd hoped, she had a gold one in gardening.

Yay, get out and help your father! And!
It turns out if you have them garden outside all day, they get enough sunlight to last all night. They can garden forever!
The garden was expanded from 30 to 40 plots.

And 10+ plots so far in the house itself, so more than 50 thriving plants for their next harvest coming in the following week.

Chrysann after her makeover. Even cuter - love her!



The Planters added fishing to their income stream, so even before the harvest, they were finally able to enclose and cover the ground level and buy a double bed.
Yes, folks, this whole time, Vern and Kaylynn had never had a place to woohoo D:

Eh, let them get married first. It's sweet, and it doesn't happen in my game very often.

Tried for a baby and succeeded.
Kaylynn wants to marry off six.

After a winter exposed to the elements, Kaylynn relished having a warm bed to snuggle into.

This is how they ended the week. Lookin' pretty homey. Wall coverings, kitchen cupboards and bookcase (and Kaylynn's piano) like in the original Sun House.

Also some landscaping elements. The new Sun House is getting there slowly but surely.

That's it for the Planters. I did not want to stop playing before the harvest! Chalk it up to incentive to keep going :D

No change in BaCC stats:
Playable Sims + graves: 109
Sim Multiplier: 66
Population: 7194

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!
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