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Mesa Vista - my BaCC for fun: Week 4, Part 2 Newson

Hello! I'm back with more of my Build a City Challenge.

You may remember intrepid home renovator Tracy Messlot from the last update, but she was not the only new kid on the block.

That's right, the Newsons had moved in right next door to her! Their starting fund was around $28,000 and for just under $20,000, this starter home by plasticbox at MTS could sleep eight, which suited this tribe of rugrats just fine. I also felt no need for a side challenge with this household.

Gavin couldn't have agreed more, going by Georgia and Garrett on their first night.
Georgia: "Boddo NOW!"
Garrett: "IEEEEE out NOW-OW-OW-OW!"

Gavin: "What exactly was I signed up for here?"
Gallagher, cringing: "Why are all the boys stuck with pink pajamas?"

Ginger was fine with staying home with the toddlers on school days, not that she had a choice unless she wanted to walk to school while her siblings rode the bus. It always showed up in Gavin's queue, and flat-out refused to let Ginger ride it even if Gavin's was cancelled in plenty of time. I hope it was because of her Family vs. Gavin's Fortune aspiration and not just because she was a girl. :P

"Can you help me with my homework, Gavin?"
"It looks like you're doing just fine on your own."
"Please? For some reason it's still hard for me."

"Maybe it's your hair getting in the way."

"See, I told you you could help!"

Gabriella was happy they were all living together again in a real house with a real mirror.

Even after furnishing the nursery, they had enough money to get Ginger a flower crafting bench, though there wasn't a whole lot of time for making bouquets with two toddlers to take care of.

It took a while, but between interacting with her family and learning to cook and clean, Ginger was finally able to make some Smart Milk.

Oh yes, the joy of Smart Milk!

"She miffed our huggle!"
My mind went numb taking care of these two, but I know Georgia (left) got all of the toddler skills and Garrett got a couple.

Georgia: "Happy Birfday to me!"
Garrett: "Don't foget me!"

"Hey, I'm cute!"

Excuse me, that just looks wrong. Off with that makeup, young lady!

Garrett: "Where is my cake?"
Ginger: "Not now, too... tired..."

Georgia: "I can hardly wait to go to school and show off our makeovers!"

Garrett: "Hey, Ginger, now you can go to school too!"
Ginger: "..."

Garrett wondered what he had done to make Ginger pay so much more attention to Georgia than him. He was nicer (7 to Georgia's 3) which made it even more confusing, but he was too shy (3 to Georgia's 7) to ask her.

"Who is the cutest one, you say?

Georgia liked to jump rope.

A lot. (My guess would be cake and poptart breakfasts were contributing factors...)
"Who knows the fanciest tricks, you say?

Jump rope became an epidemic in the house, with even her older brother Gallagher joining the bandwagon.

"Hello, young lady! You are welcome to visit the Platinum Gym whenever you want."
"Can I walk there by myself?"
"Um... I'll get back to you next week on that..."

"Wait, mister, I can do better, I promise!"
"Take your time, young man."

"Could you come back later, like after we're dressed? Come on, time for some sugar flakes, Gallagher."

Georgia, Garrett and Ginger's first day of school was that Friday.
"Maybe we could sit together," Garrett said.
"Um, you go ahead, I forgot I have something to do first."

"Something" was trying to stall long enough to miss the bus because, well, Ginger was dreading her first day of school.
Jason Menon, one of the hotter Gearheads in town, stopping by the house didn't hurt either, and envisioning a Golden Anniversary sometime down the road (the third one in Mesa Vista *yawn*), she introduced herself.

Her first day did nothing to dispel Ginger's notion that she would never be cut out for school.

Life wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for Gavin either.

First, he wasn't exactly a smooth one with the ladies, as Sarah Cwik could attest to.

"You're telling me no to a date?"
"You're kidding, right?"

At least he was free to get a job now. He hoped to become a Business Tycoon someday, but the only available opening was for a street hawker in the Criminal career and in a minor fit of revolt, Gavin decided to take it.

"Now it's our turn!"

"What's your wish, Gallagher?"
"I'm not tellin'!"
"Good, cuz then it won't come true!"

Gabriella wasn't telling either.

They celebrated by going into town for some new clothes.

Gallagher: "You first."
Gabriella: "Romance, become a Hall of Famer."
(Yawn, sorry)
Gallagher: "Fortune, earn 100,000 simoleons."

Ginger used more of their money to set up a little plant/flower stand on the corner by the bridge, on the same side as the baseball diamond. She'd left enough space for two more plant stands for when she could sell some snapdragons, the "snaps" part of Ginger's Snaps. But for now it was enough to be Mesa Vista's 10th community business, increasing the sim multiplier by 1 to 14.

While waiting for her first customer, Ginger picked up the book she'd brought from home, but she wasn't much of a reader and gave up in favor of a schoolgirl fantasy of no more school, no more responsibilities, just a romantic future with Jason Menon...

Her grand opening was really just a trial run to see if everything worked as it was supposed to, and she was glad that the few who stopped by seemed to like her daisy bouquets.

She was especially glad when her neighbor Tracy Messlot stopped by.
"I though I had it rough, but you! You did great this week, Ginger!"

"Pretty soon they'll be going out into the world, and then we'll be free to do the same."
"Amen to that, brother!"

That's all for the Newson's turn. Thanks for reading and happy simming!

Running tab of Week 4's population:

Playable Sims: 29 (28 + 1 grave)
SM: 14
Population: 406
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