Mesa Vista - My BaCC for fun: Week 5, Part 12 University (Outside)

New Mesa Vista update - please tell me it hasn't been six months since the last one? D:

Welcome back to Mesa Vista and more about its first University attendees, the Outside girls and their fellow sorority members.

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Officially finished my Apocalypse!

Okay, I really finished the challenge over four years ago, but I today I wrote and posted the final update on boolprop four years to the day of my last update. It's short and pretty lame given how much time and effort I invested in my AC, but it finally dawned on me today how silly it was to sit on a completed Apocalypse just because I couldn't be arsed to caption some pics in order to make it official.

I'm posting this here even though I'm using LJ almost solely for my BaCC because some of my LJ friends no longer frequent boolprop, and I wanted them to know I did actually finish. So, for any readers here of Romancing the Apocalypse, I'm linking to both Slideshare and Authorstream (went back to the slideshow format for consistency's sake):

And on the off-chance anyone would like to read it from the start, the whole shebang is here on boolprop:

Stay tuned for our regularly scheduled BaCC some time soonish!
Thanks, and Happy Simming!

Sims 2 Celestial Update: I haz stars and a sun!

For over a year I have envied simlili the pretty sky in her game, and after searching on and off for months, I finally found it was my View Distance in game options (not graphics options) that needed to be set to extra large (mine was at medium).


Just when I thought Simming couldn't get any better... :D

Mesa Vista - My BaCC for fun: Week 5, Part 9 Burns

New update, with another nice population boost!

Welcome back to Mesa Vista and the Burns household, featuring my son’s Simself Steve and sixteen of his Servos charged (get it? charged?) with the task of running the area’s first group of green energy farms. As a reminder, this strategy is all Nemo/Twilightoutside’s, including the lots. Links to the lots can be found at the end of the previous Burns update, which was the finale of Week 4.

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Mesa Vista - My BaCC for fun: Week 5, Part 7 Korben

New Week 5 update for Mesa Vista :)

MV 5-7 Cover
Welcome back to Mesa Vista and the Korben household, a CAS family with purple eyes I created in Week 4 to play StrangeTownChick’s Broken challenge posted on MTS.
This is the oldest child, Ethan, getting to work on the car his mother had bought for him at the end of the previous week.
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Mesa Vista - My BaCC for fun: Week 5, Part 6 Mazza

Here's a new Mesa Vista update.
I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season!

MV 5 Mazza 1 Cover
Welcome back to Mesa Vista and Madeleine Mazza’s household! In Week 3, Maddie’s roommate-turned-lover Neil Cameron passed away sooner than expected, before their daughter Nellie was even born. It was a devastating blow that sent her into aspiration failure, but the following week she found a second chance at happiness sooner than she had ever imagined with Ryan Wheeler.
Also of note in Week 4, Neil’s ghost still hadn’t made an appearance, but obviously that was about to change…
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